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Our Mision

Amper is meeting present and future challenges by consolidating its market lead around three basic cornerstones: Globalisation, Efficiency and Innovation.

Our aim is to encourage the market to adopt new business models, integrating sector solutions and communication technology, focusing on markets with high growth potential.


Latin America will be the main driving force for growth.

Indisputable lead in the region, offering a much wider range of products and services to more than 3,000 industrial clients and 16 telecommunications operators.

Expansion through alliances with strategic partners and careful acquisitions has brought us new products/clients, and has widened our own technology, giving us a platform for growth in 14 emerging economies.


We are maximising efficiency and excellence

Amper uses an operating model designed to ensure profitable and individual growth in all areas of its business, giving a boost to current capacity and providing the impetus for globalisation and innovation.

Maximising our commercial efficiency and development of our own technology allows us to achieve “Execution” excellence that is both service and client-focused.


We have a solid market position as a supplier of technological solutions.

Amper’s aim is competitive advantage using its own solutions for the Defence, Communication and Security Divisions, seeking out new sectors where our potential for solutions establishes us as a technological supplier at the very highest level.



Annual Report 2012

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