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Amper is Innovation: we offer cutting edge solutions

Amper Group in its commitment to innovation as a fundamental value to achieve products development and differential services on which to compete with main players in the sector, both Spanish and international markets, has an active policy of promoting R+ D+ i.

Amper Group assigned these task at the consolidated level 8,5 million euros in 2013 and devoted the effort of 116 people among all the subsidiaries.
Within the innovation policy of the company, has paid attention to the R&D development of products improvement and innovation in their adaptation to new customers needs. This way were substantially improved the capabilities of command and control systems designed to manage emergencies and the integration of legacy systems, users interfaces, improved data fusion algorithms and interoperability with communications network generation.
Concerning to communications has been made developments on domestic access systems to broadband services.

Furthermore, the research process continues within consortia on an international level. In this area is participating in selected projects and financed by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), amongst which we can remark:

- HIT-GATE: already started in 2012, with an expected duration of two and half years. This project (Heterogeneous Interoperable Transportable GATEway) it seeks to promote the development a mobile platform, autonomous and rapid deployment to provide interoperability between different security forces in an emergency situation, regardless of radio systems used by the different emergency services. During the year, functional prototypes developed by Amper, have already presented in the European Union.

- ISITEP: In the second half of 2013 has started the European project ISITEP, which aims to provide a solution for interoperability between national systems in Europe for public safety, specifically TETRA and TETRAPOL. This project has a budget of more than 15 million euros and 3 years duration. Amper is involved in defining the requirements of the future interoperability protocol at European level and in their display of skills with end users, mainly Spain and Portugal.

The defense unit works on developing new projects to provide an appropriate response to the needs and challenges of the communication and command and control systems, of the armies, both domestic and foreign. In this sense, the most relevant R&D projects are the related to developments in the area of command and control to complete functionalities thereof and ensure their integration into NEC environments. Moreover, it has continued with developments in the field of tactical communications, including a wireless remote control for radiotelephone, which has already finished, as well as communication management applications.




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